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Change of Plans

I took this selfie during a short break between groups, as I led 4th & 5th graders in afternoon field games in the Louisiana heat last week. The shirt I'm wearing is from The Global Gathering of the Church of God , which took place in Anderson, IN, a few years ago. The significance? At the exact same time that I took this pic at Camp Pollock, LA, the Global Gathering was once again taking place, this time in Orlando, FL. When it was announced the Global Gathering would be held in Orlando, I doubt there was anyone more excited than I was. The Global Gathering of the Church of God is a wonderful event that I never want to miss. Orlando is my favorite city in the world. And the dates of the event coincided Shelly and my 29th wedding anniversary.  I immediately began to dream and plan on how we could attend the Global Gathering, and then tack on a much-needed family vacation as an Anniversary gift to ourselves and our boys. Financially, this would mean cutting even more co