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3 Essesntial Parts of Living Your Best Life (or, Drinking Your Best Coffee)

I really like coffee. I know, SURPRISE, right?  A friend was visiting from out of town a while back, and he asked, "Where do I get the best cup of coffee in town?"  I told him about one of my favorite spots on Front Street (Front Street Marketplace is you're ever in Natchitoches, LA), as I answered, "Their coffee is really good, but if you want the BEST cup of coffee, you have to come out to the house."

We have a coffee maker that is a phenom of a machine. It has a built in grinder. That's right, I grind the coffee beans myself... and it is actually a part of the coffee maker! Just the aroma itself is reason to celebrate, but the taste is far superior to any ground coffee I've ever tried.

But the machine itself can't produce that sweat nectar of the bean. No, there are three essential things needed to drinking your best cup of coffee. Similarly, there are three essential things needed to living your best life.

1) The Bean. The bean matters. Typicall…