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5 Ways Youth Ministry Prepared Me For the Lead Pastor Role

So, it's been a little longer between posts than I anticipated. A couple of months ago I began a weekly live vlog-type discussion on Facebook Live, and that has in some ways replaced the writing of a blog for me. That being what it is, I'm going to attempt to find a way to do both - I will continue to do the live video discussion weekly, and write on this blog when I feel inspired to do so (hopefully more often). As a sort of follow up to my previous blog on 5 Things I've Learned in 20 Years of Full-Time Ministry , I thought I would share my Top5 Ways Youth Ministry Prepared Me for the Lead Pastor Role .  Trust me when I say that there are far more than 5 ways being a Youth Pastor for 10 years prior to becoming a Lead Pastor (and now Church Planter) prepared me for the role! 5. It Takes a Team! Early on I felt like I had to do everything myself. A part of that was ego. However, attempting to be a one-man-super-youth-pastor was also about being a work-aholic, being i