Life is Fun

A friend of mine posted this question today on Facebook: "What is the opposite of godliness?"

There were a lot of really great answers, but one struck me more than any other: "fun."

A person legit defined the opposite of godliness as "fun."

I think we have a different view of God, and what it means to be godly.  Actually, in my view of God as a creative joy-giver Who has our best interests at heart, I don't think this person knows God at all.  Their deduction that the opposite of godliness is "fun," shows they may know a thing or two about God, but that's not the same as knowing God, is it?  Not even close.  Not at all.

Of course, I can only speak from my own experience and observation. I seek to draw closer to God daily, to know God better, to walk with God closer... I believe godliness is to be the true self.  Godliness is being who you were created to be.  As the Genesis story puts it: "in God's image."

In the creation, we see the amazing diversity of the Creator. Fun!
In a love relationship with God, I find He gives Himself freely. Fun!
In loving my neighbor, I find joy in connecting and relationship. Fun!
In loving my enemy, I find the cycle of violence broken. Fun!
In artistic expression of worship privately, I find joy and inner peace. Fun!
In artistic expression of worship with others, I find even more joy and comradery. Fun!
In a monogamous relationship within the context of marriage, I find mutual respect, trust, and giving. Fun!
In my role as Daddy to our boys, I find the joy of unconditional love and commitment. Fun!

In context as a follower of Jesus, child of God, and vocation as a Pastor, I've experienced...
-deep, life-giving conversations. Fun!
-Hiking in the Amazon Rain Forest. Fun!
-Swimming in the Amazon River. Fun!
-Playing UNO with orphans in Guatemala. Fun!
-body surfing at beaches in south Florida. Fun!
-restoring homes on a Reservation in Wind River, Wyoming. Fun!
-Hiking in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Fun!
-Cheering at the top of my lungs at sporting events. Fun!
-Singing at the top of my lungs and dancing with all my strength at concerts. Fun!
-All-nighters filled with pizza, caffeine, video games and movies. Fun!
-Halloween in every kind of costume imaginable. Fun!
-summer camps. Fun!
-Orlando. Nashville. Denver. Phoenix. San Antonio. Oklahoma City. New Orleans. Dallas. Indianapolis. L.A., San Francisco. FUN!
-even a Pirate Cruise. FUN! FUN!  FUN!

What makes each of these experiences so much fun is that they involve giving.  Me giving myself to others, and others giving themselves to me.  Giving time, energy, attention, food, even money. This is life!  And godliness is living life as it was meant to me lived - LIVED with others!

No,  the opposite of godliness is not "fun." The opposite of godliness is selfishness.

Life is fun.  Go and live!


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