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Know Regrets

"No regrets!" I hear that a lot. And I get it, we like to be strong... or act strong... or just have others think we're strong. Nobody likes to appear weak. Nobody likes to lose, right?  I mean, most of us will admit that we're not perfect and that we make mistakes, but then it gets followed up with, "but I have no regrets!" Really?  You make mistakes and you don't regret any of them? What if we saw regret as something positive? Not a place to set up camp in some past mistake, but an opportunity for great growth. One of my favorite stories that Jesus told is the one we call "the Parable of the Prodigal Son" (Luke 15).  It's the story of mistakes, self-centered choices, and wasteful living.  The twist in the story begins when the Prodigal "finally came to his senses..." and started for home. In my life, regret has played a positive role. Regret led me to an awakening - a "coming to my senses." Like the Prodiga

Reflections of a church planter: Launch Day!

The room, known as Theater #2, at Parkway Cinema in Natchitoches, LA, was slowly filling up (well, about 1/4 full) as the countdown on the screen counted down toward 00:00.  The anticipation welled up within me. It's been two full years since Shelly & I made the decision to answer the call to move to a community where we didn't know anyone and plant a new church through the LCMCOG Network .  It's been nearly a year and a half since we moved to this community, and one full year since we began meeting weekly on Thursday nights with a small group of university students in our living room.  The hours spent praying, the days spent planning/evaluating/re-planning, the moments spent laughing/crying, the sleepless nights, the questions/answers/more-questions... the conversations... the dreaming... the visioneering... ALL of this church-planting roller coaster ride found total impact within me in this moment.  Awaken Church . The countdown hit 00:00. The background mus