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Church: How We Can Do Our Job Better

The church is not so much a place, as it is a people.  The people of God.  Jesus people. And the church has a job to do. Too often, that job looks like it is to make budget, run programs, upkeep of buildings and grounds and vans... I'm not saying those things aren't important. No, these things all need to be addressed when applicable.  But none of these are the job of the church. When I say the church has a job, I mean the church has a mission.  And everything else is to fall in the context of this mission.  The mission is the same mission of Jesus. Jesus mission is to: - seek & save lost people. ( Luke 19:10 ) - save sinners. ( 1 Timothy 1:15 ) - give us abundant life. ( John 10:10 ) - destroy the works of the devil. ( 1 John 3:8 ) This is the church's job, and I believe we can do better.  I've identified 3 steps a church can take in order to do a better job at what matters. Step 1: Create a Culture of Acceptance It's Jesus' churc

We Gotta Pray Just to Make It Today

Recently a pastor friend of mine posted on social media about the blessing of praying together with fellow pastors.  Someone trolling for a confrontation commented, "No need to actually be doing something.  Gotta love some prayer warriors that come together in prayer to accomplish everything inaction doesn't accomplish." Without attempting to take the bait for the debate, I simply replied, "Prayer isn't actually inaction. Plus, these pastors do work together to meet needs in the community, through food banks, homeless shelters, and so much more."  The person argued with me and I didn't respond.  Prayer might not matter to everyone, but it sure matters to me. My family and I, and our church plant team, are committed to everything we do being birthed out of prayer and bathed in prayer as we continue forward together!  I believe that a life of prayer is essential to knowing God, having peace and strength, and living wide awake.  Here are 3 ways I have