48 Random Things About Ya'Boy

A few years ago, I started posting random things about myself on/around my birthday.  Without looking at least year's list, I hereby give you 48 Random Things About Ya'Boy! (which may prove difficult as I'm not 48 things interesting).  If any of these fit you too, leave a comment with the number so we can see what we have in common.

1. Jesus has transformed my life, and continues to do so daily.
2. I am blessed to have an amazing, Godly woman as my wife. I LOVE YOU, SHELLY!
3. Turning 48 isn't freaking me out nearly as much as having a child who will turn 20 in less than a month.
4. Tacos.  I love tacos.
5. In lists, I find it amusing when something is repeated at just the right moment.
6. I drink a lot of water. Half of my body weight in ounces, daily.
7. I go to the bathroom a lot.
8. My oldest son Christian is a pretty cool guy. He's so quiet that most people don't know this though.
9. I have a mini-me named Jericho, and he is so mini-me that its scary.
10. Nile, my youngest, is highly-functioning autism. He is a brilliant funny kid and takes us on great adventures every day.
11. I'm pretty sure Nile will become Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.
12. I am a pastor and a church planter.  God has a sense of humor. Awaken Church Natchitoches
13. My mom can still make an amazing birthday cake!
14. Mornings are the best! For instance, as I write this I've been up about an hour, and it's not 6 AM yet. I don't know why, but I'm just wired to wake up early.
15. I am not married to a morning person.
16. Fishing.  I need to go fishing.
17. I love the Ocean so much that I'm surprised it hasn't popped into my head until #17.
18. Personal fitness has gone from a hobby to a lifestyle. A lifestyle where daily exercise is a given, but still working on consistent healthy choices when it comes to food.
19. Tacos. I love tacos.
20. For 40 years now I have loved professional wrestling, or as we call it in the South, "Rasslin."
21. It's difficult for me to name my favorite wrestlers, because I really like them all. Whether a great athlete or just a great character, I think they are all wonderful. My all-time fave though is Sting. My current favorites are: Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Finn Balor, and A.J. Styles.
22. Church planting is hard.
23. And then there's coffee.  It's always a good time of day for a really good cup of coffee.
24. Football season is the best season!
25. My teams are (NFL) the New Orleans Saints, (college) the LSU Tigers. 
26. I was born in Houston, TX.
27. The perfect day is: with my family, at the seashore on a sunny day.  Feet in the sand, salt on the lips, and the smell of cocoa butter in the air... and a really big umbrella for my wife.
28. I really like road trips, but I dislike driving. 
29. I have traveled to Brazil, Guatemala, and Mexico.  Each was a great experience of cross-cultural mission work.
30. I have traveled to the Bahamas.  Each time it was on a cruise, and it was awesome.
31. Also, I have traveled to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming on a great cross-cultural mission work experience.
32. I have a degree in Pastoral Ministry and Bible from Mid-America Christian University, in Oklahoma City.
33. Prior to completing my degree program, I majored in Theater & Dramatic Arts at Shawnee State University (Portsmouth, OH), and Sport & Exercise Science at Centenary College (Shreveport, LA).
34. 80s music. Even the music I didn't like in the 80s, I now dig.  It's a nostalgia thing I guess.
35. I love to dance.  And it usually surprises people when they find that I can really dance. I can bust a move, ya'll.
36.  One is never too old for superheros.  How can you possibly outgrow masks, capes, and tights?
37. I read a lot. I used to read at least 2 books at a time (not actually reading them simultaneously), out of habit from college.  Now I just read one at a time, and have constant stack of 5-6 "to read next" books.
38. Get to know me musically by listening to The Echoing Green, Skillet, Depeche Mode, the Cure, the Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, and old school Prince.
39. A lot of times in church, I lift my hands in the air... and I wave them like I just don't care.
40. Firefly (TV show). Serenity (Movie). I'm all about it.  This is where I picked up the term, "shiny."
41. I have a tattoo of a fricket: half frog, half cricket.  It reminds me that people will choose to believe what they want, and come up with their own version of the truth... even if it's completely off base.  Love them anyway. And be mindful of how situations & relationships are perceived.
42. I dig planting things and watching them grow, then enjoying the fruits of my labor.
43. I'm a walking dictionary of dope rhymes, while at the same time a poster child for middle-age white maleness.  It's quite enigmatic. Spectacular if I do say so myself.
44. I dislike Winter.  I mean I really dislike it.  Hate is a strong word that seldom use. But I hate Winter.  This is not one of those times I'm being funny. There is serious loathing within me for cold weather.
45. I enjoy cooking. Mostly I cook dishes involving chicken and venison. With various and sundry vegetables and fruit.
46. I'm a huge fan of fruit! Faves are: mango, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi... and watermelon... and pears.  And pretty much all the fruits.
47. I'm very easily amused, and often laugh/giggle/smiggle at things people don't mean to be funny.  My bad.
48. I love when God uses me to awaken something inside someone else, and I love watching them shine with that!


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