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Who do you want to be(come)?

A long time ago... in a galaxy seemingly far away... I wanted to be a player in the NFL.  I dreamed of being a linebacker, who was notorious for destroying the running game and making continuous interceptions. I wanted to be the one guy who was so good, he ended up playing at least a season on EVERY NFL team! I realize that playing on every team would have meant that I was so bad that I was constantly being traded.  And I wasn't even the best of the best playing for the West Monroe Rebels. That dream faded when my love for non-conformist, yet surprisingly commercial, pop music sprang up within me, and I wanted to be the singer in an English New Wave band.  Only it turns out I wasn't English... nor could I really sing very well.  But I totally dressed the part, though. That gave way to who I REALLY wanted to be.  My athletic side collided with my artsy side in the Land Where Sports Meets Entertainment - yes, I wanted to be a professional wrestler!  Sorry, not pos

48 Random Things About Ya'Boy

A few years ago, I started posting random things about myself on/around my birthday.  Without looking at least year's list, I hereby give you 48 Random Things About Ya'Boy! (which may prove difficult as I'm not 48 things interesting).  If any of these fit you too, leave a comment with the number so we can see what we have in common. 1. Jesus has transformed my life, and continues to do so daily. 2. I am blessed to have an amazing, Godly woman as my wife. I LOVE YOU, SHELLY! 3. Turning 48 isn't freaking me out nearly as much as having a child who will turn 20 in less than a month. 4. Tacos.  I love tacos. 5. In lists, I find it amusing when something is repeated at just the right moment. 6. I drink a lot of water. Half of my body weight in ounces, daily. 7. I go to the bathroom a lot. 8. My oldest son Christian is a pretty cool guy. He's so quiet that most people don't know this though. 9. I have a mini-me named Jericho, and he is so mini-me that