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ADVENT: a poem and a thought

Here we are again on Christmas Eve,
     All dressed up with my heart on my sleeve.
I affirm this is for most a special season
     When love trumps selfishness and faith trumps reason.
But why should this Gift, which casts out all fear,
     Be wrapped in shiny boxes to be opened but once a year?
I'm proposing thoughts and actions take a new way,
     And live out the wonder of Christmas every day.


Milestones: #7 Dealing with Loss & Pain (as a Pastor)

This is the wrap up of a series of 7 blog posts on specific milestones in my ministry/life.  I've done this in order to "build an altar of remembrance and gratitude" to God, and to share a few things I've discovered and learned along the way.  Milestone #7 is a loss/disappointment or tragedy which God brought forth great purpose and good.

Honestly, I haven't experienced a lot of what I would call "tragedy" in my life.  Yes, I have lost loved ones to death, lost good friends to misunderstandings, lost respect because of my own stupidity, and lost my way on just about every road trip I've ever taken.  I am certainly well acquainted with loss and the pain that comes with it.

One of the most difficult things about being in the vocation of a church Pastor is losing friends.  Years ago, in my "college years," I was counseled to not make close friendships in the churches that I would serve.  Well, I'm a people person, and as Jesus works throu…