Milestones: #2 Daddy

I'm writing a bit about milestones - those events, experiences, and people that are being stacked up as the altar of my life, bringing gratitude and honor to God, who makes the journey happen. Milestone #2 is a person whom the Lord specially involved in shaping/guiding your life.

Sometimes it can be difficult to just pick one.  This is one of those times.

There are numerous people that God has used in shaping and guiding my life.  I am in no way one of those "self-made" people. It's taken a bunch of folks, with different levels of influence, to make me who I am today... and who I am still becoming.  Teachers, friends, coaches, relatives, grandparents, and my parents, all contributing to my shape.

But since I had to choose one, I had to go with my Dad.

No one has a greater influence on our lives than our parents (or whomever the main parental figure(s) turn out to be).  Currently, our culture seems to be going through an epidemic of fatherlessness.  That was never my story.  My Dad was, and still is, fully present.  I didn't realize how difficult that was for a church pastor... until I became one myself.

In so many ways, I am nothing like my Dad.  There are some similarities though: I'm male, a husband, a father, and a pastor.  I cheer for the LSU Tigers and the New Orleans Saints.  I like donuts.  But none of those things are really how God used him in shaping and guiding my life.

My Dad showed me love.  He showed me how to love.

Jesus was, and is, Dad's top priority.  Then the family.

He showed me that I can be a pastor, completely all-in sold-out to the way of Jesus, and still have a great time.  Because he let God use him, my Dad, helped me become the husband, daddy, and pastor I am today.


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