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5 Things Thriving Churches Have in Common

In the weeks immediately following my last Sunday as Lead Pastor with Oaklawn Church of God, Hot Springs, AR, my family had the opportunity (a very rare one for us for the past 18 years) to visit 7 churches.  Each of these congregations seemed to be doing better than "just surviving."  I would say that each of them is a "thriving church." I'm defining thriving as "growth by the addition of numbers of people, and a spirit of focusing outward instead of inward." With this in mind, there were some things that I (and my lovely wife) noticed they had in common. 5 Things Thriving Churches Have in Common 1) Jesus is the subject!   In each church, there was no doubt about why they did what they did - Jesus.  Jesus was the center of what we experienced, and the diversity of celebrating Jesus was refreshing! While there were numerous activities and projects mentioned in each one, not one single time did it appear that anything other than Jesus