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Prince: some thoughts, memories and confessions

Yesterday Prince died. The musical artist known as Prince... Prince Rogers Nelson (no relation; I checked).  Thumbing through a photo album from when I was a teen, I came across this pic of a part of a wall in my room - the Prince wall.
(don't worry, another wall was Catherine Bach, Sybil Danning, & Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders)
Around 1982 (I was in 7th grade) I heard the song, "Delirious," on the radio. It immediately became a favorite.  Soon after, "Little Red Corvette" began to play, and I loved that one even more.  I really knew little more about Prince other than these songs were on the radio, and I really liked them.  In 1984, the video for "When Doves Cry" came on Friday Night Videos (we didn't have MTV). That was it, there was some connection there. The video was surreal, sensual, and at the same time spiritual, and my 15 year old self didn't know how to deal with it except to embrace it.  In that moment, I no longer "liked th…