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The Church of No Man's Land

Currently, there is a lot of discussion regarding a growing segment of our culture, lovingly labeled "the Nones," because when asked the question of religious affiliation, their response is "none."  Recently, I've encountered a stat from the Barna Group that only about 20% of people in our culture attend church worship gatherings each week.  A growing portion of the other 80% are these "Nones." Beyond the stats, I have personally experienced this reality.   The dilemma for the church is, how to live and love in such a way that introduces the "unchurched" to the life-giver, life-changer, Jesus? This is usually phrased something like, "how will we reach the unchurched?" Granted, this phrasing leaves much to be desired, but let's work with it.  It's simple, and we know what it means... at least I hope we do.  Missional.  That's what a church is called that makes it's focus the mission of Jesus to " go and mak

47 Things

In celebration of my 47th birthday this week, here are 47 random things. 1. Jesus is the subject. I am a verb. 2. I married my best friend, Shelly, almost 26 years ago.  I love her even more today! 3. Our 3 sons (Christian, Jericho, & Nile) keep me quite entertained. 4. Christian is very artistically creative and when motivated, creates really cool stuff. 5. Jericho is so much like me it's scary. 6. Nile is brilliant the way he takes things that don't belong together & combines them to make something new. 7. Having a child with autism is a constant adventure of discovery & learning. 8. PSALM 30:11 : You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing.  You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy, 9. Mexican food! 10. Coffee: I'm more of a social drinker these days; but I loathe bad coffee. 11. It's still fun to get lost in the world of superheroes from time to time. 12. Batman since Day 1. 13. Music is at its best with syn