When Motivation Needs Motivation

Maybe you've heard this one:  A husband and wife woke up on Sunday morning, and their conversation went like this:

Him: I'm not going to church today.
Her: Yes you are.
Him: No.  I'm going to enjoy staying in bed for a change.
Her: You most certainly are not.  Get up and start getting ready.
Him: What's the point? I'm not sure it's doing any good.
Her: The point is, get up, we're going to church!
Him: But those people don't even like me, and I'm not sure I like them very much either.
Her: Look, you're the Pastor and you're going to church!

It's funny (or at least amusing in a cheesy sort of way), but life can be like that, can't it?  I have a confession to make... I had a moment like that today.  Well, not exactly.  It wasn't about church.  It was about the gym.

Over the past 4+ years I have been consistently working out, usually 6 days a week.  Actually, for the past 2 1/2 years, I've been a certified fitness instructor, so not only do I go to the gym, but I teach classes, and help others get motivated.  In this time, I have really learned to listen to my body.  When I got the flu, I was able to come back in the right time frame.  When I broke a rib, I was able to continue (with discomfort) working out at a different pace.  Over the past year I've developed issues in my Achilles tendons, so I've increased warm-up and stretching in that area.  Through all of these times, plus days of inclement weather and general busyness of life, I have never just not felt like working out.

Today that was the case.  It wasn't me listening to my body, and adjusting accordingly.  My motivation was just gone. I did not want to go to the gym.  My heart wasn't into it. I could have skipped.  I could have made excuses.  But that wasn't my decision.  I decided to go and make myself work hard even though my heart was in it.

I started out at an intense pace, determined to just do it. Then I got my eyes off of myself.  In this same group, doing this exact same workout (with appropriate modifications) was my friend, Kristin.  Kristin is 21 weeks pregnant.  If anyone could blow off the gym today, it was her.  And here she was, working hard and dripping with liquid awesome (we're supposed to pretend ladies don't sweat).  I began to want to be there. Not just do it.  Not just go through the motions... even at an intense pace. I was glad I was there. There it was - the usual super good feeling of joy I get when I workout!

Post-workout, I thanked my friend for inspiring me today, then went to the upstairs walking track to get a few more laps.  That's when the next class started and I snapped this pic.  A group of folks, every one of them at least 15 years older than me; most of them 20+ years older than me. Moving, grooving, working out and having a great time.  My heart smiled.  Big.

The next time your motivation needs motivation, may you get up and move anyway... get your eyes off of yourself... and discover  the joy of gratitude.


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