Reflections (a New Years thought or two)

I've been anticipating that 2016 will be a year of big changes.  But, isn't every year?  When you think about, change happens every day and every year.  Sure some changes feel bigger than others, and without a doubt some changes are more difficult than others to experience.  There is so much to learn when you see changes as opportunities to grow as a person.  Here are a few such experiences for my family and me over the past year. For me, each of these was a pretty big deal.

-Shelly & I celebrated 25 years of marriage (just shortly after my parents celebrated 50)! It is a beautiful thing to me to grow older together with someone who chooses to love me, even in my unlovely moments.

-Christian (boy #1) turned 18, graduated high school, started college, learned to drive, got his first car... and totaled his first car. My head is spinning.  It makes my heart excited to see the potential in this young man!  Christian towers over the rest of us, at over 6 feet tall, and his heart is just as big. 

-Jericho (boy #2) turned 5 and started kindergarten. Yes, this was the year boy #1 started college and boy #2 started kindergarten. Seriously.  Jericho played soccer, and blew us away with how quick he picked up the sport and how good he is at it.  And he continues to woo just about any female of any age on a daily basis. There are 6 girls his age, or slightly older, in our neighborhood, and their regular gathering in our driveway and yard to play is amusing to say the least.

-Nile (boy #3) turned 4 and continued preschool in the First Step program. We became very familiar with what the phrases, "highly functioning" and "low on the spectrum" mean, as it was confirmed that Nile is autistic.  We've been learning to put the puzzle pieces together in new ways.  Nile is crazy about our dog, Bud, but pretends to be a cat constantly. To hear is a "meow" from his bed in the middle of the night is magic.

2015 was also another year of doors opening and closing, and my learning to trust God, and recognizing that not every open door has been opened by Him, and some doors are closed and cannot be opened.  It's been a year of learning on a deeper level what it means to "wait on the Lord." 

And also... 2015 was the year boy #2 & boy #3 were properly introduced to the Ocean and the beach, and got experience its majestic beauty first hand.

And now, as dawn of 2016 breaks, the Light is breaking in, beckoning to me, "Awaken! It's time to live your dreams out loud for all to see!"  And the exciting part... this means more change to experience and grow through!


Gerald said…
Good read, all the best to you and the family.

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