I've been working on my personal mission statement lately.  In doing so, I was challenged by a colleague (who has actually been coaching me for the past year) to develop statements of personal Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values.  As with most things with me, this is a work-in-progress, but here's what I've come up with.  Feedback welcomed.

Purpose:  Why am I in this world?  
With Jesus as the subject, I exist to serve others by Awakening Passion.

Vision:  What do I see happening in the future when I live into my purpose?
People engaged in living out their passions.

Mission:  What do I do, or will I do, to make my vision become a reality, which is consistent with my purpose?
·       * Transform people’s lives by awakening the God dream inside of them so they live & serve according to their passions.

·       * Build and transform churches, and other organizations, to live & serve according to their passions.

·        *  Be the best husband and father I can be to awaken my family members to the God dream inside of them.

·        * To live awakened to the God dream inside of me.

Values:  What’s important in the way I live, or show up in the world, as I live into my purpose and my mission?
·        *  Dream big dreams
·        *  Invest in key relationships
·         * Be fully present
·         * Keep learning & sharing
·         * Experiment with new methods
·         * Life is an adventure to be experienced


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