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I am a Verb

Jesus is the Subject.  It's all about Him.  Everything we do as His followers is to show that Jesus is the subject, that we are owned by His mission.  The mission of the church is to take this message to those who are far from God: "Jesus loves YOU!"  Our words and actions to one another must resonate, "Jesus loves you!" "Jesus loves you" has three parts:  a subject, an object, and a verb connecting the two.  The subject is the one doing something, so Jesus is the subject.  The object is the one receiving whatever the subject is doing, so "you" is the object.  In reality, each of us is the object of the love of Christ, yet there's another part.  The verb connects the subject to the object.  The verb is the action of the subject to the object.  When we become followers of Jesus, we become the verb - an action word - the hands and feet of Jesus, taking the message of His love to those who are far from Him.  I am a verb!  Fellow Christ