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Rethinking Pizza

This week brings a change in our regular routine, such as it is, and my family found ourselves with a few hours free on a Wednesday evening.  This isn't a usual occurrence in the life of the family of a pastor, as most churches hold midweek Bible studies, prayer meetings, and other such activities. What to do with a couple of hours on a Wednesday night?  We decided to top off a busy day by sitting down for supper at a CiCi's Pizza just a couple of blocks from our church facility.  No one has to cook and... it's PIZZA!  Everyone's happy! The experience was a wake-up call of sorts for me.  This pizza establishment was busy with families from the community.  People of all ages and skin colors eating, laughing, and glancing occasionally at the big screen TV in the corner.  As we walked in, my teenage son saw a friend from school and went over to say "hi."  Within 2 minutes of being there, I was recognized by someone as "the pastor who likes like Ras