Wake Up Blog!

Time to wake up this blog!  I guess I have been pretty much hitting the "snooze button" on this for a while.  The past few months I've started to write a blog entry, then just... didn't.

Today, I'm waking up the blog with a few thoughts on why I've been hitting the snooze.

1) Community.  When I was blogging all the time, it was as a part of a community of bloggers who randomly found one another through a "pre-social-networking social network" called Xanga.  I have a highly sociable personality.  There was something magnetic about "entering into a conversation" through various blog entries and comments that kept me highly motivated to produce timely pieces.

2) Feedback.  I have never much blogged "for myself."  In the season of Myspace, I didn't really get (nor agree with) the popular philosophy, "Well, this is MY space, so I'll post whatever I want."  I keep a private journal for that.  So, when Xanga started dying out and I moved to blogging here, feedback ceased.  I realized I had been blogging for others for so long that had no desire to write regular blog entries without regular feedback.  By feedback, I don't mean "Nice blog, Steve." Feedback is the noise which reverberates from something - the noise of questions, observations, thoughts.  I love inspiring others to think outside of what they know and awaken the dream of what could be.  With no feedback, I lost a reason for playing my instrument.

3) Church.  I've been in vocational church staff ministry for 16 years.  Since December 2007, I have been the lead pastor at Oaklawn Church of God.  Somewhere along the way, I began to default to writing (outside of my private journal) for church.  When no one in the congregation I'm blessed to serve with knows, or even cares, that I blog, it fell outside the scope of what I desired to spend my time writing.

With all of this in mind, I'm attempting to reawaken my blog... and myself.  I feel that all of the above will remain true, but I'll try counteracting that with the hope that as technology continues to connect us in deeper and more meaningful ways... one day my boys and their kids will come across what I post here.  And know how much I love Jesus, and them and their mother. 


RaeGlaze said…
Nice blog, Steve. And I do too care! Lol
Tina said…
I care as well. Always read. Usually comment on FB. Weird of me.

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