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Wake Up Blog!

Time to wake up this blog!  I guess I have been pretty much hitting the "snooze button" on this for a while.  The past few months I've started to write a blog entry, then just... didn't.

Today, I'm waking up the blog with a few thoughts on why I've been hitting the snooze.

1) Community.  When I was blogging all the time, it was as a part of a community of bloggers who randomly found one another through a "pre-social-networking social network" called Xanga.  I have a highly sociable personality.  There was something magnetic about "entering into a conversation" through various blog entries and comments that kept me highly motivated to produce timely pieces.

2) Feedback.  I have never much blogged "for myself."  In the season of Myspace, I didn't really get (nor agree with) the popular philosophy, "Well, this is MY space, so I'll post whatever I want."  I keep a private journal for that.  So, when Xanga started d…