This is one of those

Did you ever have one of those weeks?  Yes, I mean one of THOSE weeks.  

 A “those” week is when pretty much nothing goes as planned, and it’s usually because of some type of trouble or stress, right?   

As for me and my house, this has been one of those.

As I arrived home about 6:30 Monday evening, Shelly told me that while Jericho (our 3 year old) seems to be better (he had been sick to his stomach), Christian (our 17 year old) was now VERY sick.   

By 11 PM, I was also VERY sick.   

By 2 AM, Nile (the 2 year old) was ALSO VERY sick.   

For the next 48 hours I would be oblivious to pretty much everything but my bed, my bathroom, and the constant marathon repeat of the movie, “Cars,” that Jericho insisted would make me feel better.  

With Tuesday and Wednesday completely shot, I began shifting gears in my head to make Thursday (today) nothing less than amazingly productive with the style and power of Lightening McQueen!    

Except Nile wasn’t better.  Our little guy was actually worse, and Shelly told me hadn’t really eaten or drunk anything and kept it down since Monday.  So she took Nile to the doctor, while I returned a couple of days worth of messages and took care of Jericho (i.e. watched the movie, “Cars” again).  It turns out Nile now has a severe double ear infection and was given an antibiotic shot.  Please join us in PRAYER as we pray God heals him completely and protects him from possible dehydration.   

Meanwhile, let me just say that my wife is one amazing Mommy! With this Sunday being Mothers' Day, this week has really made me take notice of all that she does... all that Moms do!  Having a sick husband and sick kids is just par for the course of being a Mom.  Also, wow... this is what my Mom did for me and my brother growing up!  And still does in various ways!  

When this becomes one of those, Moms take it all in stride and make it all better!  Thank you to all the Moms who make our families!  We probably don't thank you and honor you enough. 

Show your Mom some love!


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