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Just call me Pastor Fitness Instructor Party DJ Shiny

This afternoon I taught my first official class as a certified Group Fitness Instructor.  A group of 8 joined me for WAR (Workouts Achieve Results), a crossfit style workout class, and I gotta say they were awesome!  So much fun working out with others, all working at our own level toward our own goals - yet, doing the work together!

At 44 years old, I'm continually amazed at the things God is still teaching me through this life journey!  Back in the day (late 80s - early 90s), I spent a few years playing around as a Party DJ, and DJ'd in a club called Cellblock in Shreveport, LA, for a short time.  In 1998 I completed my degree in Pastoral Ministry at Mid-America Christian University in Oklahoma City, and began working in vocational church ministry, attaining my ordination in 2001.  My whole life I've been athletic, but in 2012 I started to really take my physical health seriously.  2013 began with a challenge from my good friend, Linvel Arington, who is a retired preache…