BOOST Camp 6.0

This week begins BOOST CAMP 6.0 at FBC Fitness.  The idea is to boost your health to the next level by setting personal goals throughout a 60 day challenge.  Every area of personal health are included with opportunities to BOOST the number of fitness classes you attend each week, BOOST healthy food options in your diet, BOOST the amount of time you spend reading Scripture, and more!  This year I have discovered that a challenge, and group participation/accountability, motivates me to press on to the next level.  All of us participating are filling out cards listing at least 5 specific BOOST goals for the 60 days, and posting these cards at the gym for accountability.  I thought I would take it a step further and post mine here.

1.  I currently eat 2-3 servings of fruits & vegetables a day; my goal is to BOOST this to 6 servings a day.
2.  I currently run 1-2 miles per week (typically accumulated in the fitness classes I take); my goal is to BOOST this to at least 6 miles a week.
3.  I currently can run 1 mile (and a little more) without slowing to a walk; my goal is to BOOST this to 2 miles (and eventually more).
4.  I currently sleep 5-6 hours a night; my goal is to BOOST this to at least 7 hours (wish me luck with this one!).
5.  I currently show gratitude 6-7 times per week; my goal is to BOOST this to 21+ times per week (aiming for 3x a day!).

How about you?  Could you get more exercise?  Could you make healthier food & beverage choices?  Could you spend more time being still and quiet?  Could you spend more time reading the Bible?  What do you need to BOOST?


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