God, what do you want to change in my life?

In February, Shelly & I attended a network gathering with Healthy Growing Churches.  Each day we filled out index cards with thoughts, questions, observations, etc.  These cards were collected and mailed to us randomly over the past few months as reminders, and as a way to keep the spirit of the gathering alive within us.  A few days ago, I received my last one.  At the top was this question:

"God, what do you want to change in my life?"

With prayer and refection, this is what I wrote:

* DREAM big Kingdom dreams, not big selfish dreams.
* DRAW closer to God than ever before.
* DEVELOP leaders, not only by teaching, but by modeling.
* DIRECT everyone I have an opportunity to, to Christ.

What a great opportunity to reflect on the goals and aspirations that came out of that season of training and prayer!  In the months since the network gathering I feel that I have really begun to dream again... BIG dreams... BIG KINGDOM dreams!  We should be thankful for the ginormous Kingdom dreams that God inspires; I certainly am!  These dreams have been moving me to action, as I pray that those with whom I have any influence with begin to be moved by as well.

It's been almost 10 years since I've actually felt far from God. I am continually in awe that no matter how close I feel to Him, I can still draw closer.  I know its not all about feelings (but I am a touchy-feely guy, I guess), but I feel so close to the creator right now!  The key? Intentionally seeking His presence through the Bible, prayer, song, and relationships.

I  have definitely appreciated and enjoyed recent opportunities to teach others, be they pastors, leaders, or whatever.  One thing I've really attempted to incorporate into these opportunities, as well as with the team I work with week-in and week-out, is modeling.  Modeling isn't saying, "hey look at me, I have all the answers."  I see modeling as, "I tried something new - here's what worked and what didn't.  Now, go try something!"  Modeling is also akin to integrity.  None of this, "do as I say, not as I do" nonsense!

Born out of those three areas are opportunities to direct people to Christ.  It feels as if opportunities to direct those far from God to Christ happen all the time.  It's amazing what being open and aware to those around you can do. For example, I was just interrupted sitting in a coffee shop (where I am typing this) by a young friend I haven't seen in a while, and had the opportunity to do more than "catch up", but direct Him to Jesus.  I'm praying that my friend continues seeking answers, and that he begins to put his trust in Christ.  Also, it's pretty amazing the opportunities that arise within the context of church members and other Christ-followers, to direct them to Christ for wisdom, healing, grace, and truth!

So, how do you answer this question, and how will you answer it in a few months: "God, what do you want to change in my life?"


Jerry said…
Excellent read, as far as the four things on your list the first two only you can answer. But the last two I believe you are excelling at.

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