Pray For Your Pastor

A friend of mine recently told me about a dream she had that involved me.  I found it pretty interesting, so I thought I would share it.

In my friend's dream, she and a few other people from the gym where we work out, were riding in my car with me driving.  We were returning from a pastor's retreat (although I am the only vocational pastor in this group).  Suddenly a tornado appeared, sweeping us high into the air, spinning around and around. My friend said that at this point of the dream she began praying like a Pentecostal preacher (although she is neither), shouting out to God for deliverance with her hand on my back, as the other passengers shouted, "Amen!" and "Yes, Lord!" from the back seat.  As the tornado weakened, the car sat down with all four wheels on the road, and we continued the trip home without further incident.

I'm no an interpreter of dreams. Not at all. But I can't help but feel like this means, "pray for your pastor!"  You never know when a storm will blow in, or when a whirlwind we turn everything upside down.  As a pastor, I can say this - the key to making it is prayer.  Pastors must be people who hear from and speak to God regularly in prayer.  And the importance is immeasurable to have the prayers of those who are on this journey with us!  Prayer is to acknowledge that we can't do this without God.  So take some time to pray for your pastor today.

Disclaimer #1: I found the above image through a Google search, and I have no idea who Dr. Bill Purvis is nor what he teaches... nor if the stats are true (but in my experience, I'd say they seem right on).

Disclaimer #2: I know that everyone who ventures onto my blog is a not member of a church, so you may not have a pastor to pray for. In such cases, my advice is to get one. :)


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