Passions & Dreams

You could say that I'm a guy with a wide array of interests.  There a few things that I am consistently interested in, even passionate about.  But then, there are "seasons" where I tend to go all in with a new interest, which lasts for a few months or a few years. 

Examples of interests that I have really gotten into for a "season" would be: blogging, rock climbing, laser tag tournaments, bowling, tennis, snorkeling, disc golf (that's Frisbee golf for you novices), and Zumba.  Yes, Zumba.  Don't judge.  From time to time, I may find myself engaging in these activities, just not with the passion I once exhibited.

On the other hand, there a few things I can't remember not being interested in: music, poetry, football, animals, the ocean, and professional wrestling.  That's right, I'm that guy. Again, don't judge.

Then there's this weird caveat with music. I have gone through seasons of really enjoying, and spending money on, various genres: jazz, blues, reggae, zydeco and hard rock. But I have loved electronica (synth-pop, techno, dance, club, new wave, edm, house, trance, whatever) ever since I first heard Depeche Mode's "People Are People" and saw the video for Duran Duran's "Is There Something I Should Know?" in the early 80s...and I always will... much to the dismay to most of those who know me (currently, really digging the work of Skrillex... and once again, don't judge).

Today, I was asked a question via Twitter: What are you passionate about? What do you dream about? In 140 characters or less.  Wow! I've got lots of passions, and more big dreams than I'm really comfortable saying out loud.  This put me in the middle of a bottom-line it for me moment.  I love that life is big enough to encompass a vast plethora of passions and dreams, but from time to time its important to check my priorities and heart-motive.  So, here's my reply via Twitter in 140 characters or less:

I'm most passionate about revealing the Kingdom of God & spreading His hope; my biggest dream is for my boys to know & follow Him!

130 characters! Boom!

How about you?  How would you answer the question... in 140 characters or less? (and then write a full blog entry about it)


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