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Passions & Dreams

You could say that I'm a guy with a wide array of interests.  There a few things that I am consistently interested in, even passionate about.  But then, there are "seasons" where I tend to go all in with a new interest, which lasts for a few months or a few years. 

Examples of interests that I have really gotten into for a "season" would be: blogging, rock climbing, laser tag tournaments, bowling, tennis, snorkeling, disc golf (that's Frisbee golf for you novices), and Zumba.  Yes, Zumba.  Don't judge.  From time to time, I may find myself engaging in these activities, just not with the passion I once exhibited.

On the other hand, there a few things I can't remember not being interested in: music, poetry, football, animals, the ocean, and professional wrestling.  That's right, I'm that guy. Again, don't judge.

Then there's this weird caveat with music. I have gone through seasons of really enjoying, and spending money on, various gen…