The RACE of Life

I'm not a big NASCAR fan.  OK, so I'm not even a novice fan.  OK OK, I don't get it. I did always like Speed Racer, though.

But today I was thinking again about racing, as a metaphor for life.  And for some reason (maybe because I was so close to the Daytona 500 last week), I started thinking about car racing. 

My main beef with NASCAR being a "sport" has always been, "what's so great about driving around and around really, really fast?" Today, it dawned on me - they aren't just driving around in circles, but they are running the race with a purpose.  That purpose is to win. What does winning look like in a car race? Finishing first, being the fastest, not crashing & burning... mainly, finishing first.

In the RACE of Life the purpose is also the win, but as a follower of Jesus, I have to realize that "winning" looks a lot different when you run the race His way.  The purpose isn't to beat other people so I can be first, but to end strong and to finish well.  It's not about running my life as a sprint, but as a marathon - pacing myself and bettering myself along life's racetrack. Crashing and burning is a real probability when you run with the wrong purpose.

During this season of the race, God is giving me two specific purposes which are intertwined to define the win.  These purposes can be identified with two simple words: "closer" and "invite."  Running the race of life for me is becoming about drawing closer and closer to God.  It doesn't just happen; it takes intentionality, just like driving that fast car across the finish line does.  Along with the drive to draw closer to God, is an equally as intense drive to invite others onto the racetrack, and into the race of life.

I'm going to be pondering, discussing, and teaching on this over the next month or so.  And I would absolutely love for you to run this race with me.  Who's ready to stretch?


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