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The RACE of Life

I'm not a big NASCAR fan.  OK, so I'm not even a novice fan.  OK OK, I don't get it. I did always like Speed Racer, though.

But today I was thinking again about racing, as a metaphor for life.  And for some reason (maybe because I was so close to the Daytona 500 last week), I started thinking about car racing. 

My main beef with NASCAR being a "sport" has always been, "what's so great about driving around and around really, really fast?" Today, it dawned on me - they aren't just driving around in circles, but they are running the race with a purpose.  That purpose is to win. What does winning look like in a car race? Finishing first, being the fastest, not crashing & burning... mainly, finishing first.

In the RACE of Life the purpose is also the win, but as a follower of Jesus, I have to realize that "winning" looks a lot different when you run the race His way.  The purpose isn't to beat other people so I can be first, but t…