Lost & Found

Say my kids were missing.  They're not, don't worry. 

Just for a moment, consider this scenario.  You get a carton of milk (remember those) and you see a photo of a missing child.  That face! You know you've seen it recently.  The more you examine the photo, the more you are convinced, you know EXACTLY where this lost child is.

What do you do?  Would there be any hesitation at all in getting my lost child reunited with me?  I hope not.  I feel like most of us would immediately do whatever it took to reunite a lost child with his or her father. 

This would honor me greatly!  This would bring me tremendous joy, even if my child has been rebellious; even if my child had run away of his own free will.  If any of my children were lost, I would want to not only know where they were, but I would want more than anything to be reunited!  Wouldn't you?

What about God's children?  Isn't it true that most of us someone who is a lost child?  They may be a lost child, but they are not a lost cause!  Nothing would honor God more, nothing would bring Him greater joy than to have His lost children home again.  Who do you know that God is nudging you to invite to church?  Who do you know that could really use a good dose of the truth found in the words, "Jesus loves you"? 

And by the way, if you're reading this and feel like the lost child is you... please know that Jesus does love you, no matter what!  Take just a minute and read this story that Jesus told.  We've come to call it "The Parable of the Prodigal Son," and it's found in the Bible, at Luke 15:11-32


Unknown said…
Great post, as always, Steve! Thank you for sharing your perspective. :) god has a lot f people on the milk cartons of Heaven...

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