A few thoughts on a new year

I think resolutions get a bad rap.  For the past few years, I've asked from the pulpit, "Who has made any New Year's Resolutions?" and have zero hands raised.  This year I've heard, "Resolutions were made to be broken."  But, they're not... are they?

Over the years I have made numerous New Year's Resolutions and set goals for the coming year, and I have never made one of them with the intent of breaking it.  Actually, the word resolution is akin to being resolute, or resolved.  To be resolute or resolved is to make up one's mind and stand firm in that decision. 

I don't think resolutions are the problem. I think comfort is the problem.  I think laziness is the problem.

This year, as I have for several years, I ended/began the year asking God what is HIS will for not only my year, but for my life.  Did you know that you can know God's will for your life? Ask Him what it is, and He will begin to answer.  Be ready, because His will for life is going to be pretty amazing!  God has bigger plans for you than you even know! 

The reality is, to understand God's will for your year/life doesn't make it come into being.  Set goals.  Don't be afraid to stretch yourself.  Don't be afraid of failure.  When you do fail, get up and get going again.

When you set no goals, you will reach them every time.  And your life will continue to go nowhere. Why not make 2013 a VICTORIOUS year?

What is God's will for your life in 2013?  What goals have you set for this year?  What's your plan for this becoming reality?


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