My family finds ourselves wrapping up Thanksgiving vacation by preparing to drive to Indianapolis for my Mammaw's funeral. This is my last grandparent to celebrate their "homecoming."

I am immeasurably thankful for the legacy of faith, hope, and love from all of my grandparents.  My prayer is that one day my own children and grandchildren will reflect on my life, and feel as blessed as I do tonight.  All four of my grandparents, Helen & August Nelson and Lucille & Jack Joiner, have passed on physically, yet remain with me completely.  As strange as it may seem, I don't fell empty at all.  My heart is abundantly full!

The last few lines of Mammaw's favorite Psalm (Psalm 91) say this:
The LORD says: "I will rescue this who love me.  I will protect those who trust in my name.
When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble.  I will rescue them and honor them.
I will satisfy them with long life and give them my salvation."


Here's a pic of Mammaw with my 3 sons, March 2012:


Elizabeth said…
Sorry about your grandmother. Glad she was a follower and you'll see her again some day.

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