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Live8 (Reflections on IYC2012, Denver)

Last week I was blessed to represent Oaklawn Church of God, and join with about 5,000 from all over the country (and a few from other countries) for IYC2012 in Denver, CO.  Great trip with awesome friends, and inspiring worship music and speakers!  I would like to share just a few thoughts based on the theme.

Live8 is based on Romans 8.  The challenge was, and continues to be, to not just hear the words of this powerful chapter of the Bible, but to live these words out daily.  I've been thinking there are 66 "books" in the Bible, maybe a good theme for my life would be Live66.  Here are the 4 themes and my thoughts:

Live FREE.  I think most people want to really live free, but I'm not convinced we generally know what that means.  I have learned that to live free is not to do as you please, so long as no one gets hurt (and there are those who don't even consider that second part).  There is a grip that darkness can hold on us.  Be it something in the past, or some …