Remember or celebrate? Or both?

Memorial Day is a day on the calendar set aside to honor and pay tribute to those soldiers who have given their lives serving the country and representing our freedom.  At least that's how it is supposed to be.  Just an observation: Memorial Day has been replaced by "Memorial Day Weekend." 

Don't get me wrong; I'm all for grilling, going to the beach (or lake), playing with the family and friends, and taking a break from the regular routine.  If I'm being honest, routine and I don't get along very well anyway.  These are all part of living life to the fullest... but so is remembering and paying tribute. 

Maybe I miss it, but I don't see a lot of people pausing to reflect and honor the fallen soldiers on Memorial Day.  This is why I make it a point to include some type of recognition, as well as  moment or silence, during the church worship gathering on the Sunday before Memorial Day (I also take time on Memorial Day itself for a personal moment of silence... and apparently to write a blog about it).

Being who I am ("everything is spiritual"), I always associate what Memorial Day is intended to represent, as well as all of the elements of a "Memorial Day Weekend Off," with Jesus Messiah.  He died for my ultimate freedom, and yours.  He died so that we could truly live!  And in the Resurrection, I celebrate... WE celebrate!  So today, I remember... and today I celebrate - the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom, and on an admittedly mush higher level, the God-man Jesus who willingly took the execution for all of us - and yet, He lives!


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