A Reflection (a poem)

A Reflection

Dear God, please tell me that who I see
In this fun-house mirror isn't really me
All mangled and warped out of proportion
I want to sing again that "Jesus is my portion."
But words have hurt
Done something drastic
I feel like dirt 
And look like plastic
God, please tell me this isn't real
Please tell me again that who I am is not based on how I feel
Strengthen me, rock me,
Open my eyes and shock me
     with the way that You see me
'Cuz it's a sure bet
That I haven't really ever seen myself Your way yet
Here I am in the mirror feeling weak and small
And You say I'm bullet-proof and 10-feet tall
You say I'm beautiful, smart, fantastic
You say a real God don't make junk out of plastic
God, show me the real me, as I appear to You
And forgive me for looking at the person in the mirror...
     instead of You


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