HE is... (a poem)

HE is...

HE is Creator, Life-giver
Lord of earth, Lord of sky
Yahweh, Elohim,
Adonai, El-Shaddai
In the beginning was the Word
The Word was Light and Life and good
And the Word became flesh and moved into our neighborhood
His name is Yeshua Messiah
His name is Christ Jesus
He is Redemption, Restoration,
The only One who could free us
Burning bush, Holy ground,
Living Water, Mana from heaven
He is the spotless Passover Lamb
He is.

He is the God-of-angel-armies
He is the Name, HaShem
Father, Son, Spirit, God
Brother, Mother, Lover, Friend
He is provider; He is Healer,
Prince of Peace, Mighty God,
He is Wonderful Counselor
Worthy, Holy, the Narrow Road we trod.
He is the Only Begotten
Son of God, Son of Man
The Way, the Truth, the Life,
Chief Cornerstone and Master Plan.
He is.

He is the River of Life
He is the Holy Mountain
Lily of the Valley, Rose of Sharon,
The Ever-flowing Fountain
He is Love,
He is Peace,
Light of the world
Whose wonders never cease!
He is the Road and the Road-map
Destination and Direction,
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain on the cross,
He is the Resurrection!

Lion of Judah, Head of the church,
Bright and Morning Star,
Rabbi, Teacher, Prophet, Preacher,
God-with-us, You are!
Immanuel; Great Physician,
Incarnate Deity,
Holy and Righteous, Word of God
Who was, and is, and will BE
Mediator, Intercessor,
At whose Name every knee will bend,
Alpha and Omega
He is the Beginning, and He is the End!
HE is!


Unknown said…
I like it! Good poem, sir.

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