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HE is... (a poem)

HE is...

HE is Creator, Life-giver
Lord of earth, Lord of sky
Yahweh, Elohim,
Adonai, El-Shaddai
In the beginning was the Word
The Word was Light and Life and good
And the Word became flesh and moved into our neighborhood
His name is Yeshua Messiah
His name is Christ Jesus
He is Redemption, Restoration,
The only One who could free us
Burning bush, Holy ground,
Living Water, Mana from heaven
He is the spotless Passover Lamb
He is.

He is the God-of-angel-armies
He is the Name, HaShem
Father, Son, Spirit, God
Brother, Mother, Lover, Friend
He is provider; He is Healer,
Prince of Peace, Mighty God,
He is Wonderful Counselor
Worthy, Holy, the Narrow Road we trod.
He is the Only Begotten
Son of God, Son of Man
The Way, the Truth, the Life,
Chief Cornerstone and Master Plan.
He is.

He is the River of Life
He is the Holy Mountain
Lily of the Valley, Rose of Sharon,
The Ever-flowing Fountain
He is Love,
He is Peace,
Light of the world
Whose wonders never cease!
He is the Road an…



A Reflection (a poem)

A Reflection
Dear God, please tell me that who I see In this fun-house mirror isn't really me All mangled and warped out of proportion I want to sing again that "Jesus is my portion." But words have hurt Done something drastic I feel like dirt  And look like plastic God, please tell me this isn't real Please tell me again that who I am is not based on how I feel Strengthen me, rock me, Open my eyes and shock me      with the way that You see me 'Cuz it's a sure bet That I haven't really ever seen myself Your way yet Here I am in the mirror feeling weak and small And You say I'm bullet-proof and 10-feet tall You say I'm beautiful, smart, fantastic You say a real God don't make junk out of plastic God, show me the real me, as I appear to You And forgive me for looking at the person in the mirror...      instead of You

And I quote, "My parents are right."

This week, our oldest, Christian, had his 15th birthday.  Yes... I have been known as "Daddy" for 15 years, and I love it!

At his birthday party, I overheard a conversation between C-man and one of his friends.  They were discussing video games, and the friend mentioned a particular game.  My teenager says, "Whoah... what are you doing playing that game?"  He then went on, "When I was younger, I told my parents that I was at a friend's house and he was playing that game, and they told me that they did not want me to play, or watch that game again... ever!"  As my son's friend looked at him with a dude-do-you-really-listen-to-your-parents? expession, my son answered the unspoken question, "You know what?  I agree with them 100%.  The themes in that game are destructive, and it really does cause you to think about things you shouldn't."

A part of me prays a prayer of thankfulness that my teenager is thinking so clearly about these thin…

There is HOPE!

After a great morning of mutual encouragement, catching up, and training with my monthly Pastor's Group at my favorite coffee shop, I drove around the backside of the building to take a shortcut to some Chinese food.  There, spray-painted graffiti on the side of another building was this:

Immediately, I thought, "Wow! I wasn't expecting that.  Out of no where, I came face to face with the message, "There is HOPE!"  Hope is like that, isn't it?  Sometimes where and when you least expect it... but always right on time... there is Hope.

And to top it all off, this was in the fortune cookie that came at the end of the Chinese meal: "It is hope, not despair, which makes successful revolutions."

The P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L. rEVOLution continues.  There is Hope!  Indeed.

Sharing the Irony

Up early this morning. Just me and our 22-month old (Jericho) & our 8-month old (Nile).  Playing in the floor of the nursery.  In the midst of much giggling and squealing and counting (Jericho LOVES counting!), I found myself directing my sons with this ironic phrase:

"You're the older brother; YOU have to share."

And the paybacks begin.