What I would have tweeted (a recap of HGC)

A few weeks ago, I attended the Network Gathering of Healthy Growing Churches (HGC).  Throughout the week, there were numerous times when I thought, "Oooh, I should tweet that!" only to remind myself that I am fasting social media during Lent.  I did take a lot of notes, though, so here are some things I would have shared in 140 characters or less, from the #HGCgathering:

* The 1st thing that needs to be done is figure out what needs to be done.
* Lead as Jesus would through tough circumstances.
* The responsibility for learning is the student's, not the teacher's (or coach).
* Trust God for the long-term; the things you may never see.
* We take ourselves too seriously and God not seriously enough.
* Not all leaders in churches really want their church to grow.
* Hiring staff is hard because pastors believe God can change anybody.
* The best choices for staff hires come from within.
* And I quote: "God is good, people suck."
* You attract who you are, not what you want.
* We must BE the Good News before we share the Good News!
* Don't be afraid to dream big dreams & trust God for big things.
* If you're afraid of making mistakes, you'll never get anything done.
* And I quote: "Cast vision to get rid of people."
* Ask "why" instead of "how."
* A big dream with a bad team is a nightmare.
* Repeated success is more difficult than success.
* Make sure your ability doesn't carry you where your character can't sustain you.
* Be a servant, not a celebrity.
* Excellence attracts people. Have high expectations on self & staff.
* The secret to long-term success depends on daily agenda.
* Successful leaders never stop learning.
* Those who can't lead, love to evaluate.


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