Train up a child. You can do it!

One day this week, as I was heading out the door to the office, my 22-month old son asked me, "Bible book?" "Bible book" is what he calls our Bible Story Book that we read each night, as a family, before bedtime.  He has never asked to read "Bible book" any other time before this.  I think he asked because I had been out late at a meeting the night before, and missed the family devotions time.  Maybe he wanted to make sure I read the Bible, too.

We sat in my chair and went through what has become a nightly routine for our family.  He spells B-I-B-L-E, then says, "Bible!" We all sing the "B-I-B-L-E" song, you know... the one from Sunday School.  Then I point to the Man surrounded by children on the cover, and ask, "Who's this?"  He answers, "Jesus!" I then point to the children all around Him, asking, "And who are these?"  My son answers, "Children!"  We then sing, "Jesus loves the little children," which is really awesome when the whole family is together because our 7 month old son giggles madly when we sing this.

We read a section (sometimes brief, sometimes lengthy) from the continuing narrative of the Bible Story Book.  This particular day we read a story found in Numbers 16. Interesting.

We close each night by the family repeating after me, The Lord's Prayer. My wife, watching this unfold on this morning, said, "See if he will lead YOU in the Lord's Prayer."  I replied, "Oooo-kay."And he did it.  I was half laughing and half crying.  What an amazing way to start the day!

For the record, it is not the church's responsibility, nor the pastor's, to see to the spiritual development of your children.  The church's responsibility, as well as the pastor's, is to partner with parents in building an unshakable spiritual foundation in their kids' lives.  Reality check: if you're not a person of prayer and not reading, studying & living by God's Word, you are becoming spiritually anemic... and you are not "training up a child in the way he should go."  Don't abdicate the responsibility for your children's spiritual development... or your own.


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