Off to the Races

A couple of weeks ago... it was a Monday, President's Day, to be exact... I took the "back route" from the office to the fitness center where I work-out.  This is the first time I have ever taken these side streets during what we know in Hot Springs as "Race Season" (aka The Onslaught of People Who Can't Drive).  In the four years I have lived here, this is the first time I really "saw" this race-track thing, because I have learned how to avoid the traffic.  Seeing what was going on down the side streets really opened my eyes.

So, here are a few reality checks that came to me:
* People will take off work on a Monday to attend the races.
* People will drive for hours to attend the races.
* People will park blocks and blocks away to attend the races.
* People will walk those blocks (in some pretty tall heels I might add) to attend the races.
* People know the track wants there money, and they're willing to let it loose when they attend the races.
* People... thousands of them... were at the racetrack... on a Monday.

How is the message of horse racing more attractive and compelling than the Message of Jesus?


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