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Off to the Races

A couple of weeks ago... it was a Monday, President's Day, to be exact... I took the "back route" from the office to the fitness center where I work-out.  This is the first time I have ever taken these side streets during what we know in Hot Springs as "Race Season" (aka The Onslaught of People Who Can't Drive).  In the four years I have lived here, this is the first time I really "saw" this race-track thing, because I have learned how to avoid the traffic.  Seeing what was going on down the side streets really opened my eyes.

So, here are a few reality checks that came to me:
* People will take off work on a Monday to attend the races.
* People will drive for hours to attend the races.
* People will park blocks and blocks away to attend the races.
* People will walk those blocks (in some pretty tall heels I might add) to attend the races.
* People know the track wants there money, and they're willing to let it loose when they attend the ra…

40 Days

Some thoughts on the season of Lent, prayer, fasting, and Focus40.

Many apprentices of Jesus practice Lent every year, beginning on Ash Wednesday (this year, Feb. 22) and ending on Maundy Thursday (this year, April 5).  This is to spend 40 days in preparing one's self for the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus (this year, Easter Sunday is April 8).  The Sundays in between aren't counted in the 40 days, as they are "Feast Days" or "mini-Easters," celebrating the victory of Jesus over sin and death.  There are sects and individuals who vary on the exact days and times of Lent, so it isn't so much about "doing it right" according to tradition, but "doing it right" according to your heart.  For instance, many observe Lent through Easter Sunday instead of Maundy Thursday.

Traditionally, Lent is a season of fasting certain foods or activities.  Each individual should seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in determining what they will…

Like father, like son

Today, my wife Shelly found our 20-month old son, Jericho, getting into my things again. This time was different than the usual (daily), him making random calls with my cell phone, or hiding the TV remote.  Today, she found him sitting in my "study spot" at the dining room table, wearing my reading glasses and "reading" my Bible.  She snapped this candid pic.

It hit me all over again just how much my boys watch what I do.  Our kids watch and learn.  All the world is their classroom, especially the home.  What are we teaching them?

In light of my continuing study through Jesus' "Sermon On the Mount," I know this runs the risk of coming across self-serving and pretentious.  I almost feel like I need to add a disclaimer here: I'M NOT PERFECT!  While I am a very proud daddy at this very moment (he also said the blessing for dinner for the very first time tonight: "Thank You Jesus. Amen."), I am far from being a perfect daddy... or husband...…