P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L. Revolution

I'm continuing to prepare my heart for jumping into Matthew 6, all-in, with Oaklawn Church of God tomorrow.  Over 6 months ago, I began to read, study, and process Jesus' Sermon On the Mount in preparation of teaching from His words.  Through this time, God has led me to 8 specific principles that I have personally been working on...

...and in all honesty, I realize how much work I have yet to do.  What I mean is, this weekend I'm preaching from Matthew 6:1-4, and my toes are a smashed/mangled mess.  The weird thing about this is - I am PUMPED about having my toes stepped on!  I sense the genesis of a new season of fresh awakening, and I am breathing the fresh air of renewal!  Have you had the sensation of the clouds being lifted, and you had never realized they were there?

Here are the 8 principles that I believe combine to create, sustain, and share the inner-peace that Jesus Messiah brings.  These are not "pick-and-choose."  One must discover & employ them all as a whole.  Join us for The Gathering, every Sunday at 10:30 AM, as the rEVOLution continues!

Private Practice
Engaging God
Applying Grace
Centered Fasting
Expressing Your Heart
Focused Eyes
Undone Worship
Living Today


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