Personal Growth with Intent & Focus (New Year's Eve)

2011 was an amazing year, and I'm looking forward to a 2012 that is even more so!  Making New Year's Resolutions isn't something I usually do, but this year I'm feeling an inner drive for increased intent and focus  in my life.  I've taken some time today to think about personal growth, and have come up with some goals that I resolve to experience in the coming year. 

I am a teacher/preacher.  This is who I am, and also happens to be my job.  Predominantly, these goals are to promote growth in this area.  These goals are also to boost or sustain my spiritual, mental, psychological, relational, and physical health.  Much of this I'm already doing on some level, but now do so with fresh intent and focus.  So, in 2012 I'm resolving to achieve these goals...

* carry my journal everywhere and write something in it every day (great ideas will NOT get away this year).
* post an entry to my blog at least once a week (likely thoughts I've journaled).
* read one book of fiction each month (I read 2-3 books per month, but very rarely read fiction; I'm seeking to rediscover the beauty of story-telling).
* listen to at least one sermon a week from various pastors (I do this often, but not with regularity).
* purchase & listen to one CD a month by an artist I wouldn't normally buy, based on recommendations of friends (so, I need suggestions for January; anyone?)
* write a study book or curriculum (I've written several over the past few years; I want to get something published)
* study in depth the letter, Revelation, and teach on it (I've studied and taught on Revelation in the past, but I'm being led to a fresh look at it).
* reach my goal of 34 lbs lost (already lost 21 lbs since 9-11-11).
* swim in the ocean (no list of mine would be complete without this on it).

What resolutions or goals do you have for personal growth in 2012?


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