Towday #7

Today, I'm thankful for my brother, Aaron.  Just two years separate us, so as one would imagine, we were pretty much at odds for a big part of our childhood & teen years.  We had our differences and spats... and even the occasional fight... none of which were my fault by the way (come on, you know better than that, right?).  At the same time, we were still pretty close growing up.

Now that we're adults (stop smirking, we're both in our 40s now), we are closer than ever.  Even though we don't live close enough to see each other often, we are definitely involved in each others' lives.  Aaron is a great brother and a great friend.  His generosity and care for others inspires me.  Plus, he is an awesome uncle to my three boys!  Aaron is super talented musically, too!  If you need a singer/preacher tag team... or a couple of bouncers... let us know!

One of the things I am most looking forward to during this year's celebration of Towdah is spending time with my brother and my family.


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