Towdah (continued)

So it's really no surprise that my attempt to create a blog entry every day leading up to Thanksgiving didn't work out.  With three boys, two of which are under 2, a wife with serious gallbladder issues, a broken fridge, plus this whole pastor-gig I have going on, priorities have necessitated that the blog be put off.

But tonight I really want to express for the electronic written record the joy in my heart.  Tonight was Community Group night, and a small group of friends from our church fellowship gathered in our home for conversational Bible study, food, and just doing life together.  Tonight we laughed... a lot.

"Doing life together" is about so many things, and I feel like sometimes we make it just about getting through a Bible study or going through the motions of rote prayers... or being there for one another in the hard times.  All of which are important, and definitely a part of the connectivity we should have as "brothers and sisters." But I wonder, do we just let our hair down and laugh enough?  Yes, I know you run the risk of being just another social club when you devote an abundance of time to what we call "socializing" ...BUT what about laughter?  What about fun music?  What about smiles?

Tonight we just randomly & spontaneously flipped the DirectTV to the music channels, and started guessing what artist would be playing just by reading the title of the channel, i.e. 80s Hits: "Rick Springfield," "Journey," "Depeche Mode."  You get the drift.  No?  OK, how about this: Heavy Metal Jacket: "Def Leppard," "Ratt," "Poison."  Now you get it right?  No??? OK, how about this then: The Spirit: "Chris Tomlin," "Third Day," "Casting Crowns."  I know you're with me now.  

Then we discussed the implications in our lives of what Jesus had to say about anger in Matthew 5.  It turns out that spending over an hour laughing and listening to music that broke down the walls we put up between ourselves in such a way that we had a deep and compelling... and very transparent... discussion about anger, and some of our more difficult relationships.  And we prayed together, and it was not a surface level "Lord, please be with..." kind of prayer, but a very real moment of connecting our hearts to God.

Yes, tonight we prayed, we studied the Bible, we opened up ourselves, we listened to some cheesy music and admitted we knew bands that surprised each other, and we laughed... a lot.  I certainly don't want to miss the next Community Group in two weeks, because I got a feelin'...


Unknown said…
That's sounds really is Michael Mitchell im part the Smith Chapel Church of God we do a small like that once mouth.

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