Towdah #6

Day six of my towdah (thanksgiving) is dedicated to my parents.

I'm thankful to be one of the unique ones, whose parents have remained together.  In my childhood, my parents taught me to love life.  In my teens, my parents taught me about grace.  In my twenties, they showed me (and Shelly) that parents have enough love to include their kid's spouse.  In my thirties, I learned from them that their love for me extends to my kids.  Now, in my forties, my parents are showing me what growing old together is supposed to look like.

My mom has always been a voice of support, and my dad has always been a source of wisdom.  A lot of people say they have the best parents in the world.  The truth is, I probably actually do.

I love you, Mom & Dad.  And I thank God that you are my parents!


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