Towdah #5

My #5 towdah (thanksgiving) is our 3rd son, Nile.

Nile is just 3 months old, so about all he's got to offer is his big blue eyes and an amazing smile.  Like father, like son... and son... and son.  Hahaa!

Again, the question Shelly and I get all the time is, "Planned or surprise?"  This time was most definitely a surprise!  I mean, we hadn't even gotten over the shock that after 13 years we actually had a second child, then SURPRISE!  We're having ANOTHER!

Something I say a lot whole I'm holding Nile and talking to him is, "We've been waiting for you.  What took you so long to get here anyway?"  I am so thankful for this beautiful little guy (who is actually rather long) and the surprising added joy that he brings!  Thank You, God, for blessing me with three amazing boys!


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