Towdah #4

Thirteen years after Christian, our first born, came... Jericho!

People always ask if Jericho was a surprise or was he planned.  The answer is... YES!  Oh, he was planned.  About 3 years after C-man was born, we decided we wanted to have another baby.  But by the time Jericho came along, Shelly & I had pretty much resigned ourselves that we were only having one child. SURPRISE!

I am very thankful for Jericho!  It seems like it took forever for him to get here (13 years anyway), but now that he is here, I'm can't remember life without him.  Today, J-dawg is just 17 months old, but he is definitely a "mini-me."  It's kinda scary to have one this little who looks and acts so much like me.  He loves to play ball and he loves to have books read to him.  He is obsessed with being outside, and he loves dance around to boomin' beats. 

My son makes me smile... a lot.  Today, as I reflect on towdah, my heart is full of gratitude for this precious gift that is our second boy, Jericho.


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