Towdah #3

Our first son, Christian, was born 14 years ago.  So hard to believe that he is 14. 

What a neat kid.  His sense of humor is so quirky; he's a bit shy, but really loud and talkative at the same time; he's typically sloppy, but likes things to be just a certain way... in so many ways he is just like Shelly, and in so many ways he is exactly like me.  C-man is great with younger kids (which has come in really handy over the past two years). 

All of these things about my first born son, and so many more, are awesome.  But, I am most thankful for him because he is... him.  I will never forget the moment he was born (I got to deliver him!).  I guess boys aren't supposed to be called "beautiful," but he took my breath away.  What an amazing day!

He's growing up so fast, and I don't want to miss a minute.  I'm so thankful that Christian is my son, just because he is.


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