Towdah #2

Giving thanks Day #2.

Opposites attract is not just a cliche - this is my marriage reality.  Shelly & I and I celebrated 21 years together this year, and we're more in love every day.  Ok, ok... the point of this blog entry is NOT to get you to gag at the syrupy-sweetness that is how I feel about my bride... but I have a black-belt in romance, what can I say?

Although she is the exact opposite of me, Shelly is my best friend.  She has stood by my side through thick and thin (and we've been through some VERY thick situations as well as some VERY thin times)!  She is the most unselfish person I know (see, exact opposite) and is super smart (again, opposite).  Shelly is an awesome mommy to our kids, and is absolutely smokin' hot! She even stood by me when I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

I am so thankful that she agreed to take a chance on me when she said, "yes." 

Shelly, thanks for rocking my world... today.  I love you!


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